In his new book. Chandigarh Revealed (Princeton Architectural Press), photographer, designer, and writer Shaun Fynn examines the reality of the planned city, creating a photographic profile that shows how “the patina of time” has shaped the city in unforeseen ways.

“The rich legacy of Indian culture has emerged in the adaptation and decoration of buildings, and has imposed its own visual code,” Fynn writes. ...Despite the recognition, time, climate, and neglect (many structures are abandoned or incomplete) have taken their toll, as Fynn’s photos show. Chandigarh Revealed expertly captures the impact on the complex, as well as the chaotic adaptations and adjustments made by contemporary Indian residents. Images of small businesses setting up shop inside concrete buildings meant for government offices, children clustered in playgrounds, or Modernist residences lit up for the Diwali holiday prove that even the most artistic and best-laid plans need to make room for the complexity and chance of urban development.