When intelligence is over whelmed, then one creates god.

Man creates god

God creates man

Man wants to be god

Man is god.

God is in man

God is invisible

Man is[so] god

Where do we begin,

Where do we end.

The mind, intelligence surrenders. Yet the sprit keeps yearning — yearning for that which is larger than life — that which man wants to be — powerful, more than anyone else, with many hands, with many weapons, able to fly, able to live in water, underground, in the skies, in the company of stars, moons, sun, in clouds, powerful like thunderbolts,

What is Ram Baan? Invincible — will follow where you go?

Mythology has provided maximum incentive to art, perhaps art is the fountainhead of mythology.

When you create a Lord Krishna you can put a crown on his head which will topple an ordinary human being. Without fearing — a gesture so brusque that it will be  [text illegible]