What I am going to say will be like creating an experience of images, and expressions — a sort of montage reflecting art and religion as their building blocks — not a sequential, logical, scientific exposition — cannot be — because both art and religion, transcend these.

Some sayings:

Deeper insights always entail moments of blindness

Each dweller inhabits the universe, while the universe inhabits her space

Going beyond logic to experience

      what is large, what is small,
       clear, simple, irreducibly
      in its simplicity.

In giving I take
I take a place
in your heart

Music rests on accord between
darkness and light

Dance an music form a dialogue between monument and sound

Zero is infinity
infinity zero a vision of god

Life seems suddenly fragile and vulnerable
the more you know
the less you know
more the knowledge
more the mystery

A prayer is a dialogue with self
A work of art is a dialogue with self
both tend towards a vision of God

Geometry of form is a process of giving form to the formless
creating order in the Chaos

Bereft of faith no art can be produced

When you are overwhelmed you think of god

Who could think of a gift as a gift
that takes

I went to churches — (or temples) because they were built from the heart… hearts so full of longing that the stones still cry out with their ecstasy

Without past and future the present is only partial

The present is but a dot between two infinities – past and future

The present is but a seed which enshrines all history of cosmos and its destiny.