Perhaps, no city is without a hanumaan Temple.

All over the country, perhaps, all over the world, for the believers, Tuesday, every Tuesday, is the Hanumaan Day, For many persons, visiting the hanumaan Temple on every Tuesday is a must. They pay obeisance, offer sweets receive back most of it as parshad which is distributed to many poor people waiting out side the temple on very Tuesday — some of the parshad is retained for members of the household.

Sweet shops – all sweets shops (halwais) prepare special parshad called chana murali? (Small white sugar balls) which the faithful or believers buy before visiting the hanumaan temple.

Because of hanumaan every Tuesday is an auspicious day for the believers. Ladies observe it by performing kirgans in their houses by rotation.1

  • 1. Bhagirath Kunj, Statue Road. The host in whose house the kirtan is held ends. The performance by distributing ‘parshad’ to each participant.