In Ar. Aditya Prakash we not only have a renowned Architect, but also a dedicated Educationist, and an accomplished Artist.

Right from the early 1950’s when Ar. Aditya Prakash formed an “Architects Club” in Chandigarh, till the time of his retirement as Principal of Chandigarh College of Architecture in 1982 after serving for 15 years, he is one of the few who not only “Preach, but Practice”, also!

He may well be called the Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore of the Architectural Profession.

Not only did Ar. Aditya Prakash lead the way by being one of the founding fathers of Chandigarh College of Architecture, he could be said to be one of the ‘Architects’ of Architectural Education in Northern India.

And it is no surprise that due to his intense involvement in Architectural education, many of his projects are interrelated: at Ludhiana, Hissar, Palampur, Jammu, Chandigarh for large College and subsidiary buildings on the University campuses there.

To add do this, [it] may be mentioned Ar. Aditya Prakash’s numerous contributions to various publications and his book on Chandigarh. He has also served as Dean of the Faculty of the Fine Arts, Punjab University, and has been invited by various Architectural Institutes such as CEPT, Ahmedabad, SPA New Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, Jadavpur University Calcutta as an examiner, Guide, and Teacher.

Thus, Ar. Aditya Prakash has been positively beneficial to many students of Architecture around India, who have clearly benefitted from his experience and knowledge.

So as to add more variety to his many talents, Ar. Aditya Prakash is also a Sculptor and Painter. An accomplished Artist. His works and exhibitions have provoked wide acclaim by art critics of national publications.

Ar. Aditya Prakash is one of those whose contribution to the Profession is marked by what he has been able to give back to it in terms of dedication, rather than only take.

It is with pride and happiness that the Indian Institute of Architects offers and honours Ar. Aditya Prakash the IIA Madhav Achwal Gold  Medal on this 30th Day of September ’95 at the 12th National Convention of the Indian Institute of Architects of Goa.

H.C. Thimmaiah
President, IIA